Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge is London’s defining landmark. The London Tower Bridge is a magnificent structure composed of two towers connected by two high-level walkways. The towers are constructed of high-quality material and feature a striking red and white design. The bridge also contains four detailed turrets, two massive bridge piers, and a detailed interior that includes a flagpole, clock tower, and many other features. This bridge is sure to bring a touch of grandeur to any room.

This construction set is designed to replicate the iconic Tower Bridge in London. It features two large towers connected by a bridge. The towers have detailed windows, a clock, and two flagpoles. The bridge section has a moveable drawbridge, so you can open it up to let ships pass through. The set also includes four miniature vehicles, including a double-decker bus and a black cab. You can build a wonderful replica of the famous Tower Bridge with this set.

This iconic bridge is a model of the famous London Tower Bridge. It is made up of two towers connected by two walkways and is adorned with four corner turrets and a quaint red and white painted finish. The bridge opens to allow for ships to pass through and can be manually operated by turning a crank handle. Hundreds of pieces have been expertly put together to recreate the amazing structure.

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