Piccadilly Circus

This construction set features a replica of the iconic Piccadilly Circus in London. The intricate design consists of over 500 pieces to be assembled, including detailed models of the London Underground and Regent Street. There is a large red double-decker bus, a Big Ben replica, a replica of the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain, and many other famous landmarks. The set also includes 4 minifigures to help bring the scene to life. Once assembled, this construction set will make a wonderful addition to any playroom or display.

This set is a miniature replica of the famous Piccadilly Circus in London, England. It features a variety of iconic buildings and landmarks, such as the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain and the Criterion Theatre. The set also includes a double-decker bus, a red telephone booth, and a street sign. The pieces are made of durable plastic, and are designed to be compatible with other building sets. This set is a great way to recreate the hustle and bustle of Piccadilly Circus in your own home.

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