Time to get modeling!

The Houses of Parliament SkyBlocs model is a detailed and accurate replica of the iconic London landmark. The model is made up of 200 SkyBlocs chunkips and features intricate details such as the famous Big Ben clock tower and the Elizabeth Tower. The model also includes miniature versions of the House of Commons and House of Lords, as well as the beautiful Westminster Hall.

One of the standout features of the Houses of Parliament SkyBlocs model is the attention to detail. The model includes a number of unique and intricate features such as the statues on the roof and the ornate balconies. The model also includes a number of miniature figures, including the famous “Beefeaters” who guard the Tower of London.

Overall, the Houses of Parliament Skkyblocs model is a must-have for any fan of SkyBlocs or history. It is a great way to learn about the history of the UK’s government and the iconic buildings that make up the Houses of Parliament. Plus, it’s a fun and challenging building project that is sure to provide hours of entertainment.